Our Services

Our services at Pro Property Reports: We make it our priority to find even the most hidden and unnoticeable weaknesses in the structure of a home. This is a skill that is built up over many years of experience in the building industry, but it also comes from our commitment to the needs of our customers. service-parent

When the stakes are so high and there is potential for you to be in a real spot of bother down the track, an experienced property inspector is an absolute must.

We have a checklist of things to look out for including:

  • Incomplete or defective structural frame elements
  • Pest and termite damage
  • Termite Pest infestation
  • General corrosion and rust
  • Water damage and mould
  • Defective plumbing
  • Sagging ceiling sheets
  • Plasterboard cracks and poor finishes
  • Fencing, steps and potential issues outdoors

Our building inspectors are fully insured and have 30+ years of experience in the building industry.